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Tech Forms Overview

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Technology Law Forms

The materials available in the Technology Law Forms database are templates derived from Technology Law documents originally drafted by Scott Draughon. Each form provides a comprehensive framework for the target transaction and can be used to establish an initial complete draft of the proposed agreement. Tutorials and instructions are provided along with the form to guide completion of variables or "blanks" within each document, allowing the user to tailor the draft to the particulars of the proposed transaction.

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What's in the Web Forms Libraries

The E-Commerce Library inventory of draft documents includes website development agreements, Internet advertising agreements and documents for negotiating e-commerce applications.

The Intellectual Property Library provides tools for registering copyrights and filing trademark and patent applications. Other resources in the Intellectual Property Library include confidentiality agreements, Domain Name documents and intellectual property purchase agreements.

The Corporation Library provides documents you can use to address financing, equity, asset transfers and administration issues in establishing your technology corporation.

The Software Library includes draft documents for your use in licensing software, concluding software maintenence arrangements, negotiating software development contracts, licensing source code and entering software escrow agreements.

The Hardware Library contains drafts for your review in leasing computer equipment, purchasing and maintaining computer hardware and negotiating OEM arrangements.

The Technology Services Library provides documents for concluding technology service arrangements. Examples include consulting agreements, work order arrangements, general service contracts, system services agreements and software services contracts.

The Employment Library contains an inventory of documents for addressing employment issues. Examples include employment agreements, a draft employment manual, severence and recruitment agreements.

The Technology Marketing Library provides drafts for your use in concluding commercial arrangements for the sale of technology products and services. Sample documents include marketing agreements, value-added-reseller contracts, agency agreements and technology distribution contracts.

The General Business Library provides an inventory of legal documents for common transactions encountered by the small technology enterprise as a growing business concern.

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Scott Draughon introduces the Forms Library and discusses how to get the most out of the Library.

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