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The Corporate form of ownership is a standard recommendation by most lawyers advising entrepreneurs interested in a technology startup. The corporate form of ownership provides an opportunity to limit personal liability, allocate ownership through equity distribution and, possibly, take advantage of favorable tax provisions for corporations in the Internal Revenue Code. There are various types of corporations that can be formed. Examples include limited liability corporations, not-for-profits, professional associations and many others. Since corporations are formed and empowered by state law, you have fifty jurisdictions to choose from in establishing your corporation. The Corporation Library provides support materials in the areas of incorporation (standard, for-profit), asset purchases and sales, stock distributions and financing activities involving notes and loans.

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What's in the Corporation Library

The Financing Sub-Library provides documents you can use to draft promissory notes and loan agreements.

The Corporate Resolutions Sub-Library provides sample language you can use in drafting resolutions for adoption by shareholders and directors.

The Stock Agreements Sub-Library provides sample agreements you can use in negotiating stock purchases, establishing restrictions on the resale of shares, granting stock options, establishing proxies and voting agreements and negotiating stock pledge arrangements.

The Asset Transfers Sub-Library provides sample agreements for your use in acquiring or selling technology assets.

The Administrative Sub-Library includes an inventory of articles and by-laws for use in establishing and structuring the corporation.


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Scott Draughon discusses how incorporating provides some key advantages to doing business in the marketplace.

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