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Draughon Radio Network
MyTechnologyLawyer Radio Show

If you want to keep up with the Technology Industry and issues that affect you and your business, then join your Host Scott Draughon for lively and informative Radio Shows. Scott covers recent decisions, pending rulings and up-coming cases, and answers your legal questions on business and technology issues. Scott also covers technology politics and policy as well as technology industry trends and issues. Listen LIVE as Scott and his co-hosts interview leaders in Silicon Valley, the nation's capital and technologists, business leaders and political activists accross the nation. Send in your questions as well as show topic suggestions by email. Listen LIVE or tune in later at your convenience to hear the archived version of the Show.

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The MyTechnologyLawyer audiences include lawyers, business professionals, entrepreneurs and technologists in the Technology Industry. All LIVE shows can be heard Live from the “Listen Now” link above. Pre-recorded programs are organized by category in the banner ads to the right. You can call Scott directly (904) 868-0498 or send emails to The "Best" of the MyTechnologyLawyer Radio Shows can also be heard on selected AM Talk stations around the country. You can learn more by searching the name of the show ("MyTechnologyLawyer Radio Show") in Yahoo, Google, MSN or other search engines.

Our Summer Schedule for 2017 will start May 1st and we have begun planning our Fall Schedule. Contact us with suggested topics, guests, cases, issues and your on-location requests by sending an email to .

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This audio piece features an overview of the radio show and also includes selected clips from recent shows.

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Supreme Court Series
The MyTechnologyLawyer Radio Show - Supreme Court Series covers the latest cases affecting the Technology Industry.... As your Host, Scott Draughon interviews the lawyers filing Amicus Briefs in these landmark cases..


Check out the benefits of the MyTechnologyLawyer Networking Sponsorship Plan....$3695/yr entitles you to personal business introductions from Scott's contact list as well as radio appearances...


Submit your Questions by email to Scott
Scott answers questions from listeners...RECORDED LIVE


Washington Update Series
Policy matters to business.... and Scott interviews high profile activists to get a read on what's next from Washington....guests have included former Governors, Senators, Congressmen, Presidential Candidates and high profile lawyers around the Nation....


Draughon at your Event
Check out Scott's past Speaking events.....