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By-laws (For Profit)

This form reduces costs by documenting standard provisions for corporate actions.

By-laws (For Profit)
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Form Overview
The standard by-laws are structured for use by a for-profit corporation formed under Florida Statute 607. These by-laws are consistent with the Florida corporate statute and set forth procedures for shareholder meetings including informal action by written consent, as well as quorum and voting requirements. Policies and procedures applicable to Board of Director meetings are also established extending to informal action by written consent as well as quorum and voting requirements. Provisions governing the election, authority, removal and responsibilities of the various officers are also included. Dividend declarations, conflict of interests and by-laws amendments are covered, as well as compensation issues for officers and members of the Board of Directors. You can find answers to your questions using our extensive library of audio questions and answers

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Scott Draughon discusses standard by-laws for a for-profit corporation.

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