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Web Agreements

E-Commerce Transaction

Internet Advertising

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E-Commerce transactions leverage Internet access to implement business models. These business initiatives typically involve integrating vendor, customer and employee relationships to create an on-line presence used to reach a business objective. One model emphasizes the production of on-line brochure and marketing materials to entice customer contact. A second model emphasizes transactions - actual purchases over the web. A third model focuses on serving as an information resource. A fourth model provides a framework for customer servicing. A final focus is on providing technology to empower these models.

The E-Commerce Library provides tools addressing each of these models. These materials emphasize legal definition and management of the relationships required to succeed with these initiatives.

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What's in the E-Commerce Library

The Website Development Sub-Library provides tools you can use in drafting agreements for the development of e-commerce applications and websites. (2 Agreements)

The Website Hosting Sublibrary provides documents structuring hosting services for websites. (4 Agreements)

The Web Agreements Sublibrary provides legal documents for managing Internet subscriber relationships, including standard website terms of use. (4 Agreements)

The E-Commerce Transactions Sublibrary provides documents for engaging subscribers, website licensing arrangements, data management services and the development and operation of electronic storefronts. (5 Agreements)

The Internet Advertising Sublibrary provides documents structuring various Internet advertising arrangements. (2 Agreements)

The Multimedia Sublibrary provides tools you can use to negotiate contracts for the development of multimedia products. (2 Agreements)


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Scott Draughon discusses the three factors that are key for success in E-Commerce.

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