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Trademark Questions commonly asked by Technology Companies

  1. Why do we need a trademark?
  2. How close can you come to infringing someone else’s mark without actually infringing?
  3. How is it that Apple Computers and Apple Records get to both use “Apple” as their mark?
  4. What constitutes the “date of first use” on the Trademark Application?
  5. What constitutes a valid specimen on the Trademark Application?
  6. How much does it cost to get a trademark?
  7. What is the difference between the rights granted by the Trademark office upon registration of the mark and the rights to the name granted by the state when you incorporate?
  8. When is a mark “Confusingly Similar” to another mark?
  9. What happens if the Trademark office rejects the application for registration?
  10. Is trademark infringement a valid tool for imposing non-compete obligations on former employees?
  11. How long does trademark registration last?
  12. What does “Incontestibility” mean?
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  Trademark Questions commonly asked by Technology Companies  

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