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Table of Contents

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E-Commerce Library
Website Development
Website Dev (User)
Website Dev (Vendor)
WebSite Hosting Agmnts
Standard Website
Standard ASP
OnLine ASP Agreement
Co-Location Agreement
Web Agreements
Click-to-Accept Licnse
OnLine Subscriber Lic
Subscriber Agreement
Website Terms
Privacy Policy Notice
E-Commerce Transaction
OnLine Corp Soft Agmt.
OnLine Store Agreement
OnLine Data Mgmt Agrmt
OnLine Storefront Dev
OnLine Storefront Lic
Internet Advertising
Internet Advertising
Banner Advertising Agr
Multimedia Agreements
Multimedia Lic & Maint
Multimedia Dev & Lic

Intellectual Property Library
Disclosing Party Conf.
Receiving Party Conf.
Trademrks/Domain Names
Domain Name
Trademark License
Trademark Application
Patent Agreements
Patent Assignment
Patent License
Patent Application
Software Development
Book Royalty Agmt
Video Agreement
Copyright Application
IP Purchasing
IP Purch Agr (Prchs'r)
IP Purch Agr (Seller)
Employee Grant

Corporation Library
Prom Note (Standard)
Prom Note (Debtor)
Prom Note (Lender)
Revolving Loan/Note
Corporate Resolutions
First Board Consent
First Shrhldr Consent
Annual Board Consent
Annual Shrhldr Consent
Special Resolution
Stock Agreements
Stck Prch (Fvrs Buyer)
Stck Prch (Fvr Seller)
Stock Buy-Sell
Stock Proxy
Stock Option
Stock Voting Agrmt
Stock Pledge
Stock Trust Agreement
Asset Transfers
Asset Purchase Agmt
Bill of Sale (Seller)
Bill of Sale (Buyer)
Security Agreement
Due Diligence Chklist
Articles of Inc
By-laws (For Profit)
Annual Shareholder Mtg
Special Shrholder Mtg
Annual Brd of Dir Mtg
Special Brd of Dir Mtg

Software Library
Software License
License (Fav Licensee)
License (Fav Licensor)
Shrinkwrap License
Multi-Party License
License (Std Terms)
Click-To-Accept Licnse
Beta Test Soft License
Multi-Facility License
Shrkwrp SW Lic & Svc
Software Maintenance
Soft Maint Fav Lics'ee
Soft Maint Fav Vendor
Multi Party Soft Maint
Multi Svcs Soft Maint
Multi Fclty Soft Maint
Software Development
Soft Dev & Licns Agr
Soft Develpmt Agr
Soft Customization Agr
Soft. Distribut. Terms
Source Code
Source Code (Licns'ee)
Source Code Purch Agr
Source Code (Licns'or)
Escrow Agreements
Escrow Agrmt (Lics'or)
Escrow Agrmt (Bnfcry)
Escrow Deposit Agr

Hardware Library
Equipment Lease
Standard Equip. Lease
Equip. Lease Back Agr
Master Equip. Lease
3rd Party Equip Lease
Purchase Agreement
Hardware Purc (Seller)
Hardware Purch (Buyer)
Model Work Order
Hardware Purchase
Computer Cabling
Maintenance Agreements
Hrdware Maint (Vendor)
Hrdwre Maint (Cust.)
Work Ord Hrdwr Svc Agr
OEM Agreements
OEM (Favrs. Manuf'r)
OEM (Favrs. Distrib'r)

Technology Services Library
Soft. Devel. & Hosting
Software Host Agrmt
Computr Svcs Outsource
System Administration
Standard Consult. Agmt
Consult Agr (Custm'r)
Consult Agr (Vendor)
Recruiting Agreement
Contractor Agreement
Work Order
Standard Work Order
Master Services
Enhancement Order
Service Order
General Services
Services Agrmt (Cust)
Service Agrmt (Prov)
Model Invoice
Software Services
Svcs Agrmt (Custm'r)
Svcs Agrmt (Provd'r)
Cyber-Security Svcs.
Cyber-Sec Aud Contract
Sec Sys Implementation
Sys Surveillance Form

Employment Library
Employee Oriented
Standard Emp. Agrmt.
Executive Emp. Agrmt.
Developer Emp Agrmt.
Employer Oriented
Standard Emp. Agrmt
Executive Emp. Agrmt.
Empl'ee/Shrldr Agrmt
Empl'ee/Sales Agrmt
Empl'ee/Contrctr Agrmt
Recruiting Agreement
Severance Agreement
Employment Manual
Internet Use Policy

Technology Marketing Library
Agency Related
Agency Agreement
Dealer Agreement
Dealer/Agent Agrmt
Agency Proposal
Standard Referral
Agency/Referral Agrmt
Software Marketing
Sales Commission
Video Marketing
Reseller Agreement
Royalty Agreement
Distribution Agreement
Product Distribution
Software Distribution
Tech. Distribution
Value-Added Reseller

General Business Library
Gov Comm L'se (Lessee)
Shopping Mall Lease
Wrhse and Office Lease
Res Lease (Landlord)
Guaranty of Lease
Assignment of Lease
SubLease Agreement
Deposit Agreement
Automobile Lease
Comm'l Lease (Lessor)
Partnership Agreements
Gen'l Partnership Agmt
Ltd Partnership Agmt
Tech Joint Venture Agt
Govt Contr Prop/Team'g
Power of Attorney
Construction Agreemnts
New Construction Agmnt
Partially Compl Constr
Facility Build Out Agr

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