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Growth Economy

The United States has the most advanced software and information technology services industry in the world. With annual revenue approaching one trillion dollars and more than 100,000 companies in the United States, the technology industry has incubated the American Dream for countless entrepreneurs. Interestingly, more than 99% of these firms are small - medium size businesses (< 500 employees).

Federal tax and regulatory policies over the last ten years have presented difficult challenges to the technology sector and complicated further progress. Net neutrality has re-emerged in the form of new FCC proposals and regulatory schemes. The threat of internet taxation remains a favorite focus of state revenue officers. The rise of ObamaCare increases hiring costs. High tax rates discourage investment and squeeze the capital resources needed by the industry to innovate and thrive. These and other misguided policies from Washington are battering an industry already besieged by international competition, outsourcing and intellectual property piracy.

America needs economic growth to provide for its citizenry, retain global leadership and to fund the next generation of innovation. The technology industry is a key sector in this success formula.

In keeping with the predominance of entrepreneurs in the industry, MyTechnologyLawyer has consistently favored policies supporting development of the industry through free-market forces and open competition while also opening new international markets; supporting private property ownership; reducing regulations as a drag on entrepreneurship and market deployment of innovation; and emphasizing lower, flatter tax rates, research incentives and intellectual property ownership protections.

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