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Technology Programs and Policy Advocacy

The Technology Industry and its entrepreneurs are the engine of innovation in the Nation and they are affected by policy debates going on in Washington - often in ways that do not become apparent until long after the debates are over. Key technology industry issues over the last decade have included Net Neutrality, Internet Taxation, Privacy, Security, Broadband Deployment, Intellectual Property Rights, Economic Growth and Anti-trust. We monitor these debates and provide comments supporting the development and growth of the industry.

These very same entrepreneurs are also passionate activists in their local communities for helping with charities, including services for the poor, education and mentoring for students and employment of the disabled (just to name a few initiatives). We work with these local groups to help them meet their mission and get the resources they need to help others.

Help us out. Let us know what you think about the policy issues affecting your industry and send us your contact list of charities that need the support of our Sponsors. You can contact Scott directly at (904) 868-0498 or send emails to his personal attention at

  • Community Outreach - MyTechnologyLawyer supports many community and charitable programs design to help the poor with food, clothing and shelter as well as wellness services and education outreach to teach the skills necessary for healthy and productive living. Our outreach programs emphasize practical support in working with small local charities to help them meet their mission, as well as highlighting their activities in building donor bases, attracting resources and leveraging technology in supporting their beneficiaries.

  • United Nations - The rise of the United Nations promises global regulation that will affect the technology industry. Examples include ITU proposals to regulate and tax the internet and the Law of the Sea Treaty which currently provides for technology transfers from US companies.

  • Politics/Elections - Politics is policy in action. What the candidates say and promise provides clues for the future of the industry. MyTechnologyLawyer comments on these proposals and likely impact on the Technology Industry.

  • Health Care - Obamacare and Health Care reform in general has become a major focus presenting both challenges and opportunities for the industry. MytechnologyLawyer comments on specific legislation, options for deployment and likely changes in the coming years.

  • Growth Economy Government impacts growth through tax, monetary and regulatory policy. MyTechnologyLawyer comments on policy developments affecting the industry and its constituents.

  • Supreme Court Cases - MyTechnologyLawyer features cases in the news by focusing on Supreme Court cases that impact the Technology Industry.

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