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Technology Services

Technology Services arrangements typically involve four basic challenges. The first challenge is to define with particularity the services to be rendered. Second, the supporting documentation must define the appropriate pricing and payment structure. Performance warranties for resulting deliverables is a third concern. Finally, frameworks for maintaining deliverables are also important. The Technology Services Library provides five separate sub-libraries which provide forms addressing these issues in different contexts. The System Sub-Library provides frameworks for services in maintaining and supporting computer hardware. The Consulting Agreement Sub-Library provides frameworks for retaining independent contractors providing ad-hoc computer services. The Work Order Sub-Library supports complex engagements with specific tasking and deliverables. The General Services Sub-Library contains forms structuring informal service arrangements. The Software Services Sub-Library provides several forms tailored to typical software services profiles. The Cyber-Security Services Sublibrary provides contracts for engaging services designed to assess, improve and monitor computer system security risks.

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What's in the Technology Services Library

The System Sub-Library provides documents which can be used to establish service contracts for supporting or maintaining computer systems. This Sub-Library includes draft software hosting, system administration and cabling agreements.

The Consulting Sub-Library includes an inventory of draft consulting agreements, as well as a sample recruiting contract.

The Work Order Sub-Library provides various sample work order contracts for engaging contractors under changing scope of work scenarios. Also included is a Master Services Agreement and an Enhancement Order Agreement for software product enhancements.

The General Services Sub-Library presents draft contracts for negotiating general service arrangements.

The Software Services Sub-Library provides an inventory of contracts for concluding software support contracts.

The Cyber-Security Services Sublibrary provides contract templates for engaging Cyber-Security services designed to enhance system operability and security.

  Technology Services  

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