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General Business

Partnership Agreements



Construction Agreemnts


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General Business

The General Business Library provides an inventory of legal documents for common transactions encountered by the small technology enterprise as a growing business concern. These documents are equally useful for the small business whose core service or product offering is not technology. These transactions include various commercial leases and lease related documents as well as Partnership arrangements, model invoices, service order forms, construction agreements for facility buildouts, Standard Release, Indemnification, and Power of Attorney forms.

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What's in the General Business Library

The Partnership Sublibrary provides a general partnership agreement as well as a form Limited Partnership Agreement. A Technology Joint Venture Agreement and Proposal/Teaming Agreement for federal government contractors is also included.

The Lease Sublibrary provides various commercial lease agreements as well as supporting documentation for assignments, subleasing, deposits and guaranties.

The Release/Indemnification Sublibrary provides access to Standard Release, Indemnification and Power of Attorney forms.

The Construction Agreements Sublibrary provides buildout agreements including sample contracts for new construction, partially completed construction, facility buildouts and site demolition and restoration.

  General Business  

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