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MyTechnologyLawyer Business Services

MyTechnologyLawyer offers business advising services for the technology enterprise. These services leverage the technology law expertise and network of MyTechnologyLawyer in working with technology enterprises for the last 15 years, as magnified by the MyTechnologyLawyer Network. These services are designed to enhance your access to equity funding, loans, buyers and sellers for your products or company, as well as increased sales.

  • Business/Product Evaluation: MyTechnologyLawyer has accesss to professionals and consultants that can help evaluate the commercial viability of your company and its products and services. These evaluations can consist of brief capability reviews or comprehensive and detailed evaluations by a professional team assembled from the MyTechnologyLawyer Network.

  • Business Planning: MyTechnologyLawyer Business Planning services include informal advice and review of your business plan, as well as comprehensive development and drafting of the Plan.

  • Equity Sourcing: MyTechnologyLawwyer Equity Sourcing services includes advice, sourcing, development of solicitation materials and sourcing legal representation.

  • Recruiting: The MyTechnologyLawyer Network includes a portfolio of capable and seasoned marketing, operational, legal and financial professionals in the Technology Industry, as well as a number of potential high profile board and advising members that can support your networking and business development objectives.

  • Marketing: MyTechnologyLawyer promotion support includes articles and advertisements, e-mail promotions to an established database of technology companies, search engine promotions and links, and radio interviews and advertisements on the MyTechnologyLawyer Radio Show. MyTechnologyLawyer can also leverage an extensive network of sales organizations, including OEMs, Agents, Dealers and Distributors in helping you promote your products and services.

  • Finance: MyTechnologyLawyer can help you source and negotiate loan arrangements with private as well as institutional lenders.

  • Selling Your Business: MyTechnologyLawyer can assist in purchasing or selling a technology business include business evaluation, buyer and seller sourcing, valuations and term negotiations.

  • Mentor Program: The MyTechnologyLawyer Mentor Program is designed to provide ad hoc business guidance to small businesses on questions of accounting, law, operations, government audits, management, marketing, finance and other issues commonly encountered by entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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