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Software transactions involve the release of computer program code to another party under certain conditions. Such conditions form the rights and responsibilities of the parties and the essence of the contractual arrangement. Software licenses grant the right to use object code under certain constraints involving the location or purpose of use. Software maintenance involves vendor access to software for maintenance and enhancement purposes. Software development activities include authorship and customization of software for release to an end user. Source code agreements typically involve release of source code to other parties for negotiated purposes. Escrow agreements are three-party arrangements for releasing source code under specific conditions precedent, to particular parties for limited purposes. The Software Library provides forms and drafting choices in all five of these areas.

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What's in the Software Library

The Software License Sub-Library provides tools you can use in negotiating licenses for the use of software, including application software and access to Internet materials. (9 Agreements)

The Software Maintenance Sub-Library provides an inventory of software maintenance agreements based upon various business applications and service profiles. (5 Agreements)

The Software Development Sub-Library includes various contract options for negotiating software development agreements. (4 Agreements)

The Source Code Sub-Library presents drafts of source code licenses, as well as a sample source code purchase agreement. (3 Agreements)

The Escrow Agreement Sub-Library provides drafts of software escrow and deposit agreements for securing technology assets with a third-party agent. (3 Agreements)


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