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Trademarks/Domain Names

Trademarks are names, symbols, displays and other indicia that have commercial value because they identify goods or services (or their respective origins). The best marks are fanciful and accrue their recognition in the marketplace because the mark owner invests in creating the product or service association, usually through extensive advertising (e.g. Exxon). Suggestive marks can also be effective to convey qualities associated with the product, service or origin (e.g. Greyhound - swiftness). Descriptive marks are difficult to sustain and protect because of their lack of disfunction. Establishing and protecting a monopoly over the use of your mark in the marketplace is critical to achieving market recognition.

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What's in the Trademrks/Domain Names Sub-Library

The Domain Name Purchase Agreement documents conveyance of a domain name from seller to buyer.

The Trademark License documents the right of the licensee to use a specified mark in connection with a fixed definition of goods or services.

The Trademark Application suitable for filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office consists of three basic parts.

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