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Library Overview

The MyTechnologyLawyer Library provides audio and book products that you can use to answer questions, educate your team members and promote your business model. Audio products are recordings from the mytechnologyLawyer radio show. Books are all hardcopy format and authored by Scott Draughon.

The Transaction Questions CD-ROM series answers commonly asked questions from MyTechnologyLawyer Subscribers about technology transactions. The questions are addressed on the MyTechnologyLawyer Radio Show and are organized by transaction topic and industry participants.

The Business Questions CD-ROM series address common business management issues faced by technology entrepreneurs and vendors in the technology business. This CD-ROM series derives from MyTechnologyLawyer Radio Show interviewswith technology industry service providers. These products are organized by topic.

The MyTechnologyLawyer Book Series includes Books authored by Scott Draughon providing legal and business advice. All Books are hardcover and prices include postage.

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