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MYTECHNOLOGYLAWYER is an exclusive networking resource for the Technology Industry - including buyers, users, vendors and the professionals serving them. MyTechnologyLawyer was founded by Scott Draughon
, an executive management advisor for the technology industry with 30 years of experience as technology lawyer and policy advocate, as well as author, speaker and radio host with an extensive personal network. No matter what your executive management challenge, Scott or someone in his personal contacts list can help you. You can contact Scott directly at (904) 868-0498 or send emails to his personal attention at

Be an Activist: Our Technology Policy articles, videos and audios address the key policy debates affecting the technology industry and highlight the arguments favored by the MyTechnologyLawyer community, including Net Neutrality, ObamaCare, UN taxation of the internet and many other issues affecting your future. Scott is also heavily involved in many community outreach and volunteer initiatives featuring local charities around the nation. These volunteer efforts leverage our sponsorship base and technologies to help local communities meet their mission. Get involved - send us your thoughts on the policy issues affecting your industry and let us know about charities in your local community needing support from our Sponsors.

Negotiate Deals: Our Software and E-Commerce forms libraries provide you with templates for structuring transactions that leverage technology to your commercial advantage, including over 200 forms supported by educational videos, detailed instructions and audio Q&A. If you would like to retain a lawyer to help you, check out our lawyer directory of more than 100 attorneys around the country who have used our resources.

Build Your Company:
Scott can help you source high profile board members, equity financing and management talent using the databases of MyTechnologyLawyer. Check out our extensive library of more than 500 audio questions and answers giving you suggestions and ideas for deploying your marketing plans, building your distribution channels, financing your business as well as acquisitions and sales of business assets. Our Corporation , Marketing and Employment forms give you the tools you need to achieve the growth you are looking for in your company.

Leverage Your Technology: Leveraging your technology means securing the rights you need for commercial viability for your intellectual property as licensor, developer, distributor and user. Check out our extensive library of more than 200 articles giving you key criteria for negotiating technology rights, protecting intellectual property and securing licensing transactions. Our Intellectual Property and Technology Services forms help you secure your trademarks, patents and copyrights and structure your contracts for maximum advantage.

Expand Your Network: Scott can also promote your business as part of his on-going media appearances, including radio show interviews, promotions at speaking engagements and articles covering key management initiatives, new technologies and technology policy issues. Our List of Subscribers, Members and Sponsors includes literally thousands of technology industry participants around the country. Our networking services range from email promotions and commercials on radio to conference management planning featuring your organization.

The Materials at MyTechnologyLawyer do not constitute legal advice. No attorney-client relationship is formed between you and MyTechnologyLawyer. If you require legal advice or professional assistance, you should seek the services of a competent professional person.
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