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Tech Forms Overview

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Intellectual Property


Trademrks/Domain Names

Patent Agreements


Software Development

Book Royalty Agmt

Video Agreement

Copyright Application

IP Purchasing





Technology Services


Technology Marketing

General Business

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Copyright protects the form of expression in a work rather than the methodology or ideas embodied therein. Copyright law affords the copyright owner a long-term monopoly over the right of reproduction, distribution and licensing of the work. Copyright is a primary tool for controlling ownership of computer code, manuals, screen displays and other forms of expression for computer software.

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What's in the Copyright Sub-Library

The Technology or Product Development Agreement allocates copyrights, as well as all other intellectual property ownership rights, to the inventor.

The Book Royalty Agreement documents the participation of a contributor in developing a manuscript.

The Video Agreement documents a structured process for video production.

The Copyright Application Form is suitable for registration of written materials and software.

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Mark Young discusses the important elements of Copyrighting.

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