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The terms and conditions of financing arrangements vary greatly between borrowers and lenders. Institutional lenders typically require a secured arrangement supported by a financial audit. Individual lenders may require less formality and structure. The documents available in the Financing Sub-Library address primarily informal arrangements where the technology enterprise is either borrowing money from an individual or small lender or is lending funds on an informal basis to the enterprise. Institutional lenders typically have their own forms. Those institutional forms are typically very onerous for borrowers and must be negotiated by counsel on a case-by-case basis.

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What's in the Financing Sub-Library

The Standard Promissory Note provides a simple, one-page format allowing the parties to document loans extended on an informal basis.

The Promissory Note favoring the debtor establishes procedural protections against unreasonable enforcement and collection of the Note.

The Promissory Note favoring the lender is a simple, one-page Note resolving ambiguities and procedural protections in favor of lender.

The Revolving Loan Agreement provides a framework for establishing a revolving line of credit between lender and borrower.

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Scott Draughon outlines some interesting tips on negotiating financing arrangements and isolated loan transactions.

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