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Scott Draughon maintains an active national speaking schedule on technology law, business and policy issues. He is a gifted storyteller and passionate industry advocate who motivates audiences with e-commerce strategies for success in the New Economy. His programs are tailored to your event and designed to stimulate thoughtful discussion and inspire activism among your membership.

Topics: Draughon programs address technology industry issues including e-commerce business strategies, important legal issues and cases in the news.

Promotion: When you schedule Scott Draughon to appear at your event you enjoy the benefit of promotional exposure on the MyTechnology website. Thousands of technology users visit the site each week, with hundreds buying products and services. We will advertise your event to our users and visitors and provide direct links to your web page materials.

Media: Many Draughon programs attract media attention for the sponsoring organization providing you with an opportunity to obtain broadcast or print media coverage for you and your event.

To learn more about Scott’s topics please review the categories below.

To schedule Scott for your event contact Linda Long at

 Keynote Speeches

Draughon Keynote Speeches examine the issues affecting the future of the technology industry including Internet taxation, broadband deployment, privacy, anti-trust regulation, the wireless revolution, copyright protection and enforcement, cyber security and many other topical issues.

 Speeches on Video

Select Sample Videos of Draughon speeches from various events.

 Panels & Sessions

Draughon technology law speeches include participation on panels and breakout sessions at such prestigious events as Internet World, The Wireless Enterprise Summit, Southern Financial Exchange and Networld+Interop.

 Education Programs

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This video features selected clips from a variety of Scott Draughon's speaking engagements.

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If you would like to discuss a custom presentation tailored to the needs of your group, contact Linda Long for more information.