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MyTechnologyLawyer Book Series!

The MyTechnologyLawyer Book Series contains books authored by Lawyer Scott Draughon giving timeless legal and business advice to technology buyers and sellers. Prices include postage and all books are hardcover.

The MyTechnologyLawyer Legal Questions handbook features Technology Lawyer Scott Draughon answering 150 commonly asked legal questions in a direct, easy to read and conscise format (165 pages).

The Art of the Business Radio Show is directed at Marketing Executives, Conference and Trade Show Managers and Entrepreneurs interested in leveraging the potential of Radio in increasing sales, building relationships and creating brand awareness. This book focuses on show creation and performance independent of distribution technology (150 pages).

The MyTechnologyLawyer Technology Transactions Legal Guide provides checklists of issues in contracting for Technology products and services. Scott Draughon gives you the "intelligence" behind each of the forms in the libraries of MyTechnologyLawyer (200 pages).

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