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System service arrangements typically rely on industry standards in defining the specific hardware related services to be provided under the arrangement. Examples range from "installing personal computers", "system administration" in maintaining a file server, or software "hosting" services. These arrangements are often part of a larger scope which might include, for example, software development. Under these arrangements, the "system" support (e.g. storing of files, operating system updates, etc.) would normally be addressed as a subsection of a larger contract. The System Sub-Library provides some drafting starting points for sample stand-alone transactions.

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What's in the System Sub-Library

The Software Development and Hosting Agreement documents a comprehensive software development arrangement that includes software hosting services.

Systems Administration Agreements provide a framework for managing the computer software, hardware and telecommunication needs of the end-user.

Software Hosting Agreements typically provide a framework under which a computer systems vendor stores data and software for purposes of providing customers centralized server access to such data and software.

The Computer Services Outsourcing Agreement establishes a framework for outsourcing the information technology management function.

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Scott Draughon reviews unique issues in drafting and negotiating systems services agreements.

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